– 100% CRUSHED –


The name says it all. This is 100% fruit & veggies and tastes out of this world. Simply put, this is the only Ultra-Premium smoothie mix on the market. We use the finest fully ripened fruit & veggies in our dedicated custom-built factory to achieve the fresh-picked taste you love. If you are a fruit or vegetable expert, health-conscious or truly just want to provide your customers with the hands-down healthiest, best-tasting smoothie in the world…It’s 100% Crushed.

With FIVE servings of fruit & vegetables in every 20 oz smoothie, 100% Crushed delivers a cost-effective method of getting your daily fruit and vegetable servings. Compare the cost of our 100% Crushed fruit servings against the typical competitors’ 1.5 servings or less. You will quickly see that 100% Crushed is an extremely good value. 100% Crushed is CONCENTRATED so you do not pay for shipping water, yet you are still able to use this product as a pour-over type smoothie mix.


Unique in the industry, our Açai tastes like Açai! This super antioxidant blend is açai up front mixed with banana, which then moves to a dark berry blend made of blackberry & blueberry with a slight pomegranate tartness.


No candy banana or chemical taste here. This blend is all about true banana with cream notes, vanilla and a hint of just enough honey in the background. Specially created for our Australian customers since it’s their favorite treat, get a little taste of down under, here in America.


A rich, ripe pop of blueberry with a hard to find blueberry linger. With just a touch of banana.


Unique and hard to achieve with the delicate notes of white guava with the perfect amount of passion fruit that finishes with a slight orange aftertaste.


Red and black raspberry up front, with a hint of strawberry, then the blackberry and blueberry come in to give the blend purple & dark berry notes. The finish is a razzy medium multi-berry.


Serious amounts of “not from concentrate” Sunkist® lemon juice with the artful addition of 6 types of oils, essences and extracts to achieve a fresh, ripe, fleshy, then peely effect with a touch of lemon drop background.


Strong, smooth, pungent and vibrant mango from several continents gives the unique deep sticky mango notes. A touch of pineapple helps pop the blend ending with a slight banana background. Our artisan put his global travel and sourcing to full use to achieve this distinctive taste.


This ultra-premium blend is made with boysenberries and blackberries, which exude a deep dark sticky ripe berry. This blend was created by our artisan due to his knowledge of the boysenberry from working at Knotts Berry Farm® & he grew up picking wild berries & making smoothies with them.


Imagine biting into the best red apple you have ever tasted…then multiply it by three! Fresh and vibrant with red apple skin tones and a fully ripe juicy flesh taste that pops and sticks with you. This is NOT green and this is NOT sour. It’s like biting into a juicy red apple.


A burst of tangy oranges and succulent juicy tangerines, yet not overly acidic. The juices, flesh and oils combine into a pretty intense experience that hangs on your tongue.


Savor the intense peach skin and flesh that literally floods your senses before dropping into a pear & apricot tone background finish. Ever had peaches straight from the Wooden crate? Try this!


Ripe, deep, intense and fresh, that is the hallmark of this golden variety pineapple blend. The smoothing notes of creamy coconut and banana in the background wrap it all together. It’s all about pineapple here.


Not overly acidic or overbearing. The smooth lime builds with fresh notes, lime juice, a slight fresh oil that moves back to the flesh taste, all built over a base of peely notes. Smooth & low key…it’s 100% fruit and long after you are done…the lime continues!


Fresh ripe crushed strawberry tones jump out at you, then linger into a deeper red ripe strawberry taste to achieve the freshest tasting strawberry smoothie in the industry.


Fresh strawberry notes with banana moving back and forth that leaves both strawberry and ripe banana aftertastes.


This uniquely exotic blend provides guava and passion fruit upfront, then transitions with orange and banana into a deep, creamy coconut and pineapple blend.


Red sour cherries, vibrant and up front meld together with the darker tones of dark sweet cherries. This “stick with you” taste is low acid with a light and complementary cranberry ending.

*Available in BIBs. Unit Size 2⅛ gal.

Case Size: 6/46 oz. bottles.

8 oz. bottles available in these flavors: Four Berry Blend, Lemon-ADE, Mango Tropics, Peach Pear Apricot, Pineapple Paradise, Strawberry.


Who said eating fruit and vegetables isn’t any fun? Well, we’ve found the perfect solution to make it super fun and taste great too. Dr. Smoothie® introduces the NEW Veggie Smoothie. You’ll never be bored again eating your vegetables.
Enjoy every sip while adding extra nutrition into your daily diet and getting your “5 a day” in a super cool way. Our Vegetable Smoothies are so healthy and flavorful, you’ll be surprised that you are actually drinking something that contains vegetables and greens. The fact that your customers want healthy smoothies is a fact, not a trend. Healthier options are in high demand. Set your business apart from the rest by offering the healthy smoothie, Dr. Smoothie.

Butternut Squash Mango & Veggies

Mango and squash are perfectly matched with 7 veggies including carrots and greens in a taste sensation that keeps customers asking for more. The taste moves back and forth between the mango and the squash, with hints of veggies popping through. Veggies never tasted better.

Carrot Ginger

A fresh juice bar favorite, this blend of 9 veggies and fruit jumps at you with the snap and sustained great taste of ginger. Gives you 200% Vitamin A in every 16oz smoothie, straight from the veggies & fruit!!


A surprisingly refreshing combination of red beet with ripe crushed strawberries and raspberries. This bold colored blend has it all – sweet, earthy beets, tart berries and an assortment of savory vegetables all wrapped-up in an apple and lemon juice blend, with just a touch of ginger. A wonderful transitional blend of winter root vegetables paired with the sweet, tart berry offerings that usher in the springtime.

Carrot Orange Vegetable Medley

An enticingly complex assortment from the garden with a pop of orange to start. The more you drink, the more the carrot becomes evident, then some celery with 10 fruits and veggies jumping from one taste to the next, and back to orange. Simply superb.


  • 100% Fruit
  • Shelf stable
  • 5 servings of fruit in a 20 oz beverage
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Fruit! Not sugar
  • No artificial flavors
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No dairy
  • No lactose
  • No preservatives
  • No fat* except Acai with healthy omega 3

Our advantages will deliver:

  • Drive repeat visits
  • Attract a new customer base
  • Save valuable freezer space
  • Healthier beverages will increase sales