Connect and engage with customers by creating a menu board program that will enhance their dining experience. Menu boards with eye-catching graphics and focused menu will captivate your customer’s attention, drive sales and gain loyal customers.

Menu boards can promote new products, limited time offers (LTO’s) and increase order accuracy while gaining insight about what customers think about your restaurant. Offering an effective menu board program will directly impacts sales and annual profits.

Our menu board program is the perfect solution for any business, here are just a few suggestions:

Coffee shops ● Sports complexes ● Schools, colleges and universities ● Hospitals/Wellness centers ● Country clubs ● Day care centers ● Tanning centers ● Shopping malls/kiosks ● Juice bars ● Bike/food trucks

– Case Study –

Client problem: Current Fast Casual Restaurant chain had an opportunity to set up in a gym. They needed to expand the current menu for a gym customer and ease of preparation for rotating employees.

Client problem: A Café located in a well-known hotel in Las Vegas, needed help to increase sales for their fruit smoothies and specialty beverages. Majority of their business comes from selling lunch and snacks.