Why the right smoothie presentation makes all the difference

Show customers you care about taste, consistent quality ‘better for you’ and the overall customer experience. The right smoothie presentation can help your customers understand why it’s important to choose the right beverage. Offering healthier beverage options is right on trend. Providing this option to your customers will help them see you care about their business and the customers they serve.

The small amount of time spent on adding or improving your smoothie presentation can improve customer satisfaction and entice customers to indulge.


Dr. Smoothie can provide you with solutions to fit your customer’s needs and demographics, so that you can offer the very best smoothie experience for your customers.

What is the Dr. Smoothie experience all about?

Dr. Smoothie contributes to healthier consumer lifestyles and your business by providing the best tasting, cleanest label ingredients in the smoothie industry. Our amazing taste profiles and effective merchandizing support help you provide a fresh experience that will leave a lasting impression on your customers.