The Perfect Serve for a Healthier Lifestyle

Making the perfect smoothie just takes a little bit of love and care but the results are worth it, as are your customers. Not only does making the perfect smoothie require a good understanding of the range of smoothies you offer, but also the ability to serve each smoothie correctly.

Unlike other beverages, smoothies require proper blending to provide that sensational mouth-feel experience. The equipment you use and the type of ice used to blend your smoothies plays a key role in making the perfect blend.

Dr. Smoothie’s smoothies are simple and easy to prepare as 1-2-3


Pour approximately 5 oz smoothie mix and 3 oz water


Add a 16 oz cup filled with ice into a blender


Blend until smooth. Adjust proportions according to taste.

– Case Study –

Client Problem: After 10 years of persistently calling one of California State Universities, one of Dr. Smoothie’s key Distributors successfully converted the University to using their coffee and smoothie products. The Distributor presented Dr. Smoothie 100% Crushed smoothies to the University’s F&B director and assistants. They decided the 100% Crushed smoothies would be a healthier smoothie product offering since they were currently using Island Oasis.  The University had not sampled Dr. Smoothie’s new Organic smoothie flavors before.

Client Problem: This client, a professionally managed NFL team, was looking for a smoothie alternative that would be more cost and labor efficient but still provides the important nutrients required by team nutritionist, strength coaches and NFL players.